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The Smile Foundation have heeded the call by President Ramaphosa and his government to step up and support the interventions that have been implemented across the country during this unprecedented period.  We have put aside our brands and barriers to form coalitions, magnifying our collective support, and like so many other sectors, COVID-19 has united civil society.  However, the needs that Smile Foundation were addressing prior to COVID-19 have not disappeared – they continue to require attention and we have simply added COVID-19 support to our strategic focus and it is placing tremendous strain on our resources, hence this proposal and request.  


We have been and are appealing to businesses as well as individual members of the public to assist the medical professionals working tirelessly on the frontlines to combat the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa and together with TIXSA (one of our partners) we have created this fundraising concept of  8 ONLINE-STREAMING-CONCERTS over the next few months!



We have already activated 76 artists in our first 3 concerts and plan to activate a minimum of 120 South African Artists by the end of our 8th Concert scheduled for end of November 2020!

The purpose behind this project:

  • To say THANK YOU to those on the frontlines for putting their lives at risk daily – these concerts have been dedicated and done in honour of them / however it is great entertainment for the general public!
  • Fund PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for our Public and Academic Hospitals.
  • Present businesses and individuals with a credible and worthy value proposition which speaks into a win-win for all, including: Public and Academic Hospitals, Smile Foundation, Tixsa, the artists, SME’s assisting with the project, corporates, individuals and most importantly our healthcare workers.

 This is truly a collaborative project of note!



  • CONCERT #1: The Debut - AVAILABLE NOW –
  • CONCERT #2: Gospel - AVAILABLE NOW –
  • CONCERT #3: Afrikaans is Lekker –
  • CONCERT #4: Bands Galore - 
  • CONCERT #5: Classical cross-over - PREMIERS 25 SEPTEMBER 2020
  • CONCERT #6: Next Generation - PREMIERS 9 OCTOBER 2020
  • CONCERT #7: Afro-soul - PREMIERS 6 NOVEMBER 2020
  • CONCERT #8: Choral Celebration - PREMIERS 4 DECEMBER 2020



  •  A 3,5-minute item/performance towards one of the #helpthoseonthefrontline concerts.
  • Performers are more than welcome to create original material specifically for this charity concept.
  • Please remember that the SMILE FOUNDATION is a family friendly foundation and your performance needs to be appropriate for all ages.
  • We are looking for (but not limited) to established: Singer/Songwriters, writers/actors, comedians, bands, DJs – urban music, groups/choirs, instrumental ensembles, dancers, and musicians (aka the performer).
  • We are also making room for a limited number of up and coming young talent and/or community acts, such as "school production inserts", but is subject to approval and permissions.
  • Please also do a short and powerful recorded “shout-out” of +/- 15 seconds (must be done in landscape), stating why you endorse the Smile Foundation's HELP THOSE ON THE FRONTLINE movement.
  • The Performer(s) will record the item in the comfort of their own home(s), using the technology they have available (phone's, webcams or other equipment) – we have a production team that will then take the raw material and edit it into the final concert program before streaming the concert package on
  • We can accommodate a maximum of 15 performances per concert.
  • The concert will be available for the remainder of the project until 31 December 2020.
  • The length of a concert will be +/- 67 minutes and sold at R67.00 excluding the service and streaming fees; and is in celebration of our Chief Patron Nelson Mandela.
  • TIXSA nor the SMILE FOUNDATION will utilise the concert content beyond its intended purpose within this concert agreement.


  • You will be one of 120 proudly South African acts supporting this relevant, credible, and great cause.
  • Smile Foundation can issue an Article 18A Tax Certificate to the value of your contribution/performance and you can submit it as part of your annual personal/business tax returns.
  • Tickets for this concert will be sold at R67.00 (excluding service and streaming fees) and we will issue a url-tracking-tag per artist and allocate 20% (R10,50 per ticket – this is the amount after deductions: VAT & Banking fees) on the ticket sales linked to your tag as remuneration towards your performance and will be paid out to you post the event.
  • As the Smile Foundation we are also working on various “screening strategies” for these concerts in public spaces and we have committed to putting 20% aside on these income generating activities towards back-paying all our acts at the end of the project (there is no guarantees, but we are showing great progress up to date).
  • You will be part of a quality online-streaming production.
  • You will receive a digital copy of your performance for internal use and this will hopefully add value to your portfolio.
  • Your booking details will be added to scroll, credit roll & via email post the event.
  • You may request and will receive an hour consult with one of the capable TIXSA team members on how to take your talent online and identify how to possibly generate additional income, by utilising their BEYOND ticketing software streaming solutions  


  • Most mobile phones and/or webcams’ quality suffice (the use of a Cannon/Nikon Camera also renders great quality).
  • Please steer away from backing tracks, we prefer live instruments and/or acapella performances.
  • You can either submit your final mix (mp4 – high resolution) OR our production team will do the editing on your behalf (Clause: herewith you give us permission to give honest feedback on the quality of the recording and find ways to enhance the quality in the midst of the pandemic.)
  • The production house reserves the right to edit the material or even exclude it from the concert if need be.
  • You are more than welcome to send a test recording to receive feedback, before submitting your raw footage. 
  • We strongly advise watching the latest concert and get an understanding of what will be expected.
  • Please be rest assured that our production team produces for Kyknet, the Viva Channel and is reputable.



We need the complete recording(s) from beginning to end (in the original recorded format) to enable our team to do the necessary editing. 

  • 1 X PHOTO: full body photo (as you prefer it) for marketing material and editing purposes.
  • Please do "landscape" recordings.
  • 1 X Audio/Soundtrack (voice and/or royalty free track)
  • 1 X Close-up Static recording – head and shoulders (if applicable)
  • 2 to 4 recordings X Different angles/backgrounds/moving around (Hint: be creative and authentic)
  • OR – 2 to 4 recordings of other supporting artists (i.e: musicians, band members, backing vocals, etc.).
  • 1 x 15 to 90 second shout-out in support of the Smile Foundation.  



  • I/We, the performer, declare that I/We are duly authorised to pledge this performance, as I/we have written, created, performed, published and recorded the content of this performance OR received the necessary permission from the music creator to pledged this performance towards this campaign OR as agreed upon in writing.
  • I will activate my social media following (i.e.: Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) in build-up to the concert organically and within reason.
  • I commit to at PROMOTE the selling of tickets before or on the CONCERT PREMIER night, but is not liable for the amount of tickets sold.