Flamedrop Fest: Best Horrorfest short films

Fri. 9 Dec, 2016 at 7:30pm SAST
18 and Over
R45.00 - R125.00
18 and Over
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R45.00 - R125.00
18 and Over
Event Description
Flamedrop Fest: Best Horrorfest short films

Total running time: 116 mins




SA HorrorFest Best Animated Short winner

This superb animated piece has a man enter a mysterious building after crashing his car on a backwater road late at night. His surreal evening has only just begun...

Directed by Jerónimo Rocha, João Miguel Real

20 mins




SA HorrorFest Best Ensemble Cast winner & special Legend Award for Roddy Piper 

Hilarious short starring the late great wrestler Roddy Piper as a maintenance man who stumbles upon two old men opening a portal to hell in the building's basement. 

Directed by Vivieno Caldinelli

13 mins



(USA / Canada) 

SA HorrorFest Funniest Short Film & -Sacrilege Award

An audacious but irresistibly wild and funny CGI-heavy remix of Stanley Kubrick's legendary adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining, starring Jack Nicholson.

Directed by Nick DenBoer & Dave Foss (and Stanley Kubrick of course)

5 mins


QUENOTTES (Pearlies) 

(France / Luxembourg)

SA HorrorFest Best Short Film, Best Director & -Best Screenplay winner

A brilliant tale of a man who returns to his childhood home with his son… where the real tooth mouse wants what it's due at all cost…

Directed by Pascal Thiebaux

13 mins




SA HorrorFest Most Disturbing Short winner

A witch locked up in a dungeon cannot be confined.

Directed by Jerónimo Rocha

12 mins




SA HorrorFest Most Creepy Award 

A woman fears for her and her child's life when a malevolent presence lurks behind them in photographs.

Directed by Ángel Gómez Hernandez

15 mins



(South Africa) 

A woman receives a Betamax tape in an unmarked envelope.  After pulling an old player from the closet and watching it, the image of a moon leads to some shocking events.

Directed by Paul A. Blom

6 mins




SA HorrorFest Best Scare winner

Fantastic short chiller (which got picked up by the creator of the Saw & Conjuring series, and expanded into a full movie, which won Best Feature Film at the SA HorrorFest) 

Directed by David F. Sandberg

3 mins




SA HorrorFest Best Monster winner

A young nurse looking after her aunt discovers the state of paranoia experienced by the old lady due to sleep paralysis, eventually attacked by her own fears.

Directed by Ángel Valera

20 mins


GARGALESIS - The Tickle Killer 


Loony German clip.

Directed by Loffl Sascha

2 mins




SA HorrorFest Gross-Out Award 

Horridly funny short has a girl with a bit of an anatomical anomaly unable to avoid public scrutiny.

Directed by Eduardo Casanova

4 mins
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The Bioscope Independent Cinema 286 Fox Street
Johannesburg, Gauteng 2001
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