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Young lives being transformed

“My greatest desire is to see children being saved in each generation we deal with” says Elena, one of the first volunteers in Mission Without Borders’ Christian Input Team in Romania’s County Alba.  Fifteen years later, the now 42-year-old Elena is still volunteering and has indeed, had the joy of seeing many young lives transformed. “I love coming to the children’s meetings, playing games, singing songs, enjoying every activity and relating with them on their level of understanding. They keep me young!”

This is part of MWB’s child sponsorship programme which helps children from backgrounds of extreme poverty. Their families are affected by issues ranging from abuse or neglect to unemployment and depression.  The meetings are run by Traian Opruta, MWB co-ordinator, with the help of his team of 14 volunteers, most in their teens and 20s.  

Serving God among children is not easy with sometimes disappointing numbers accepting baptism and some turning away from the gospel. But we also witness wonderful transformation.

There’s the inspiring story of Nicolae* who was just a child when MWB began working here 15 years ago. Her parents were divorced, her mother having abandoned her, and she was living with her father. At our meetings the Lord touched her heart and changed her life, filling all the emptiness in her heart and bringing her His peace. Now she is married and recently brought her newborn to church to be dedicated! She has become an extraordinary woman of God.

Most of the children who attend these meetings have major emotional problems and crave the love and attention lacking in their homes. They’re very neglected and thus marginalised by society. To see even one child become happy and trusting is a great achievement for us. And to see them turn their faces to God and their lives being transformed, is superbly rewarding. 

Quite a few of our attendees have given their lives to the Lord, and some have integrated into the local church and are now helping others in their search for a life’s journey with the Lord.

And so our Christian Input Team presses on, ever hopeful of achieving almost miraculous child transformations. And we thank you for your support.

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