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Jane Renton

Jane has been sewing and knitting ever since she was a young child, sewing her own clothes and knitting jerseys for longer than she can remember. As a teenager Jane also learnt various forms of embroidery - handwork had become a passion. When pregnant with her first child she made an embroidered cot quilt. This was the beginning of what has become an obsession!

Jane’s quilting was originally traditional in style, though has moved towards more creative and contemporary art styles; particularly with the art lessons and encouragement from both Jeanette Gilks and Carolyn Zelenka. Jane loves colour, pattern and design, the process of creating is therapy. She has taken lessons in drawing, painting, fabric painting, dyeing, embroidery, beadwork and mosaics, and studied Landscape Design. The designing and planning is her love; both in landscape and textiles.

Jane has attended many National Quilt Festivals, having taken classes with wonderful teachers from South Africa and abroad, that have inspired a love of colour, textiles and the creative process.
Her work has been exhibited at Guild shows, the annual Garden Show in Pietermaritzburg and National Festivals, as well as awards received.

Jane is a qualified teacher and experienced quilter and in 2014 she completed the South African Quilters Guild Quilt Teachers Accreditation Course and has been teaching classes in appliqué, patchwork and quilting – both on a domestic machine and longarm. Jane loves to pass on her knowledge and skills, to motivate and inspire a love for this wonderful art form.

Photo Appliqué with Jane

This is an opportunity to learn the technique of converting a photograph into a stunningly realistic wall hanging, whether it be a landscape or portrait.
You will be guided through the process of design techniques, fabric choice, marking, pattern development and sewing, working directly with the fabric.
To simplify the techniques, and to allow more time for learning, a photograph of a landscape will be provided. By using this photograph, you will immediately begin learning the process of working on landscape quilts without taking hours to design an individual piece! The techniques learned in this class will form an invaluable basis for creating unique and individual pieces.


*Sewing machine in good working order

*Extension cord and double adaptor

*Free motion embroidery foot (Bernina #24)

*Open toe foot (Bernina #20)

*Sewing machine needles: 60/8, 80/12 and 90/14

** Selection of threads 50Wt

*Invisible thread (preferably not nylon)

*Bobbin thread – 60Wt thread such as Metrosene/ Bottom Line

*Small sharp embroidery scissors

*Tailor's awl or Appliquik rods


*Fabric scissors and paper scissors

*Iron and ironing mat

*Teflon sheet

*Pencil and eraser

**OHP permanent marker – fine black

*Quilters safety pins

*Tablet/iPad (optional)

*Quilters gloves

**Jane will have available for purchase or use



All fabrics required including batting and backing

Colour photograph - A3 size

Plastic sheet for transfer

Appliqué paper

Sampler to stitch