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Marline Turner

Marline has been doing hand applique, for many years and since 1991 she has taught applique at various Quilt Festivals, nationally as well as internationally. She has a passion for hand applique and passing on this skill to her students gives Marline much joy. Marline will teach you how to make: skinny stems, beautiful curves, sharp points and plump round berries.

After a class with Marline you will have as much joy doing Hand Applique as she does. She can't wait to show you how hand applique is her VERY best sewing technique.

A sample of Marline's work. (You will learn these techniques).

In this Hand Appliqué class, pupils will explore and learn various types of hand appliqué, mostly using needle turn.

Blocks will be selected by pupils which can be made up either into a quilt, a table runner, a bag, cushions or anything else that takes your fancy.

No sewing machine is required so it should prove to be a very peaceful and quiet workshop.


*Fabric in colours of your choice, also incorporate batiks and dyed fabric with colour variations -100% cotton PLEASE.

*Threads to match (mercerised cotton thread if working with 100% cotton which is always the best for hand appliqué).

*A good selection of greens for leaves.

*Needles: a sharp, thin needle with a roundish eye, e.g.Quilting Longs (size 9).

*Scissors: Normal size fabric scissors, plus small sharp embroidery scissors which cut well right up to the point.

*Pencil: HB or any other marker of your choice – white if you are wanting to work on a dark surface.

*Pins: Short and long.


*Rotary cutter.

*Cutting board: For cutting background squares.